Underwater Lighting

The Model OPT-LR06 underwater lighting system is the perfect compliment to the OPT-06 OceanCam. Its high-powered LED modules produce a large quantity of warm white light while minimizing the power supply requirements. One to four modules can be employed. Each module has six high-power LEDs. This allows almost the full working range of the camera to be illuminated. The light modules generate 40 foot-candles of illumination when measured at one meter. The LEDs provide an effective lighting range of 3-4 meters from the camera.

The lighting modules require a 24 VDC power supply delivered via a hybrid network/power cable or over a separate underwater power cable. The on-board controller, mounted inside the housing, allows for remote network control of the lights with ON/OFF settings. The six LEDs are mounted on a curved heat sink and the horizontal angle of light spread per module is more than 110 degrees. Overlap between multiple modules ensures a more uniform light coverage.

The lighting system can be employed with other cameras. When internal remote switching is not available, IP relay controllers are used to switch 1-4 modules. The IP relays are powered using 9-28 vdc or PoE.
Three six-emitter modules illuminate nearly the full range of camera motion. They are available with fixed position mounting or adjustable positioning brackets. Off camera mounting is recommended in order to illuminate an area and minimize phytoplankton swarms. An underwater power cable up to a maximum length of four meters can be employed to place the lights off the camera and near the viewing area.


  • Remote control switching (ON/OFF) via camera over the Internet
  • Lumen maintenance of greater than 70% after 50,000 hours
  • Correlated color temperatures (CCT) from 2600 K - 10,000 K
  • Excellent white point stability over time
  • RoHS-compliant


  • System power supply: 1.2 amp @ 48 VDC
  • Controller supply voltage range: 30-56 VDC
  • Illumination: 40 foot-candles @ 1 meter
  • Low beam load (adjustable):20 watts minimum
  • High beam load (adjustable): 60 watts maximum
  • Light module power: 800 mA @ 24 VDC
  • Output voltage to LEDs: 18-24 VDC
  • Emitter light spread: 110° spread